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2021 IEA – The International Ergonomics Association

The IES 2021, 13-18 June in Vancouver will be themed: “HFE (Human Factors and Ergonomics) in a connected world/L, ergonomie 4,0”, it speaks to the role of emerging G5 technologies.

UPDATE: The Conference is now virtual only.  There are several sessions on aspects of STF.  There are also sessions on inclusive design and aspects of visibility and lighting.

Session 12A Wednesday 16th June 07:45 to 08:45 (all Vancouver times).  North American Footwear Focus. Steve Thorpe will Chair this session.

Session 18C Thursday 17th June 06:00 to 07:00. Workshop Human Slip Based Tribometer Standards Update on  ASTM Committee F13. Carl Strautins is a co-author.

Session 18H Thursday 17th June 09:15 to 10:45. Visual Ergonomics and Ergonomics in Design for all Symposium – Accessibility and Usability for All: Indoor visual environments.  Luminance Contrast Standards, the Boy Who Could, and Visionary Pathfinders.  Richard Bowman is a co-author.

Session 19B Thursday 17th June 11:45 to 12:45.  Tribometers Gaining and Using Useful Data.  How Might Slip Resistance Standards Become More Evidenced Based.  Richard Bowman is the Author.

Session 20J Thursday 17th June 13:00 to 14:30. Code, Stairs and Safety.  Richard Bowman will Chair this session.  Do Stairs with Visual Cues Lead to Fewer Missteps? Steve Thorpe and Mike Roys are the authors.  The paper will be presented by Steve Thorpe.

While many ergonomists might think there have been few recent advances in the complex field of fall prevention, there have been several developments in diverse areas. However, how does one transform such knowledge into sensible interventions that can be readily implemented?

We are using the present disruption to focus on some special sessions that we intend to hold at the IEA Congress in Vancouver, 13-18 June 2021 ( The accompanying call for special sessions reveals the exciting formats that we can adopt to optimise the productive evolution of each initiative.

As an STF TC member, your knowledge, expertise and creativity would greatly benefit the discussion around the development of these special sessions. What topics would you like to be discussed and why? Are you facing any roadblocks? Is there some new technology that should be harnessed to create new solutions? We would like to hear back from you by April 30th so that we can collectively plan several special sessions and submit the proposal to IEA by June 26th (the special session submission deadline).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start some simple dialogue that we might scale up into a special session. There can only be winners: we can capture and work on all your contributions, even though it is unlikely that all can be converted into special sessions for 2021.

In case you were wondering, the call for general papers for IEA 2021 will be going out on 26 June. You will be kept up to date with all relevant developments.

Stay safe,
Richard Bowman
Chair, IEA Technical Committee on Slips, Trips and Falls

From the IEA 2021 website:
“It may seem like the 2021 IEA Triennial Congress is a long way off, but when considered in the scope of the meeting’s extensive history, it’s right around the corner! What began in 1961 as a small gathering of 260 ergonomists in Stockholm, today the Triennial Congress is the IEA’s most impactful activity. Every three years, scientists, practitioners, students and other professionals from around the globe meet to address key ergonomic issues and to capitalize on opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaborations, partnerships and friendships. The ultimate goal is to elaborate and advance ergonomics science and practice, thereby contributing to improved quality of life.
The IEA Triennial Congress has come a long way since that first meeting nearly six decades ago. Venues have indeed circled the globe and touched 15 countries spanning five continents, and attendance has more than quadrupled. The most recent Congress, held in Florence Italy hosted nearly 1600 delegates from 70 countries. Attendees share a common passion for enhancing the contribution of the ergonomics discipline to global society in a rapidly-changing world.

A review of the Congress’ technical output reveals topics and themes that have steadily evolved to meet changing societal needs.  The 2021 IEA Congress will take this trend to a new level. The theme, HFE in a Connected World: L’Ergonomie 4.0, promises excitement, as attendees consider the impact of emerging 5G and other technologies and the human factors and ergonomic challenges that are just over the horizon!

We invite you to join us in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada June 13-18, 2021 for the 21st IEA Congress!”

Updated 27/05/2021

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