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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of adding to existing knowledge and keeping up-to-date with new developments in any industry. A number of UKSRG members offer free access to CPD content either face to face or digitally – aimed at designers, specifiers, architects and facilities managers. Below you’ll find links to members who offer accredited CPD content:

Architects and specifiers are required to undertake 35 hours of learning each year. At least 20 of these hours must be from the RIBA’s ten mandatory CPD topics. Through these CPDs you can acquire 100 ‘learning points’ throughout the year to fulfill RIBA’s requirements.


Marley – Timber Decking

Maximising Your Space the Sustainable Way

Marley Ltd offer a CPD seminar that looks at timber decking as a sustainable means of creating usable outside space. It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • The reasons for using timber decking
  • The types of timber and other decking available
  • That timber decking is a viable inclusive solution for disabled users
  • Slip resistance and how to check decking product compliance
  • The legislation and standards that affect the design and specification of timber decking

This seminar is part of the RIBA Core Curriculum (worth double points).  Lasts approx. 40 mins with a Q&A session available afterward.

Click here to book a CPD CPD Course Timber Decking | Marley or contact Laura Qualters on 07775 543709 for further information or technical advice.


Altro – How to reduce the risk of slipping

This CPD is available as remote learning session via video conference. Please contact [email protected]


Altro has developed a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses focusing on main issues surrounding floor, wall and door products, plus their impact on the wellbeing of the people using the spaces where they are installed, to continue their commitment to industry development and high-quality customer service.

Each seminar is approximately one hour long and is designed to fit flexibly within busy work schedules. Courses are delivered by sales consultants, either on-site at your offices or by arrangement at the Altro Showroom, London. Our CPDs are designed to encourage delegate interaction to promote knowledge sharing. 

The “How to reduce the risk of slipping” CPD aims to provide an overview of the issues, legislation, risk factors and guidelines for the assessment of floor safety. It will help to understand the following topics:

  • The regulations around preventing slips
  • The scale of the problem and statistics around slip accidents
  • The HSE approach to reducing slips
  • Slip test methods and slip resistance
  • The risk assessment process

Altro’s RIBA-approved CPDs fit within one or more of RIBA’s ten core curriculum topics:

  • Designing for dementia
  • Resin – where function meets design
  • Designing for mental health
  • Altro factory tour: Innovation in manufacturing product design

For more details or to book a course, please contact Customer Care Centre on 01462 707604 or email [email protected]. Alternatively visit the Altro Showroom London, EC1R 0DP.

Forbo – Entrance Flooring Systems: Complying with relevant legislation and guidelines

This CPD is available as Online CPD Video.


Forbo Flooring Systems is a global producer of world-class flooring solutions, constantly striving to produce sustainable flooring systems that create better environments. Forbo has a comprehensive product offer for commercial, public sector and residential interiors including their long-established market leading linoleum, project vinyl and residential collections, as well as a comprehensive collection of commercial quality carpet tiles and a unique range of flocked floor coverings. Furthermore, to prevent footborne soil and moisture from spoiling the appearance of interior floor finishes and causing unnecessary wear and tear, Forbo also provides co-ordinated and fully integrated entrance matting systems.

You can find the CPD on the Riba website:

Quantum – Entrance matting done right


This CPD is available as remote learning session via video conference.


Quantum Entrance Matting offers this inclusive CPD presentation, that covers the specification of safe and effective entrance matting. 94% of dirt entering a building on foot or wheeled traffic can be removed with the right type of entrance matting.

This CPD explains how entrance matting can achieve this. The objective is to indicate how the correct type can be specified, and meet the requirements of BS7953:1999 and BS8300:2009.
Environmental and Health and Safety issues are presented; incorporating the manufacture, installation and maintenance of entrance matting.

The CPD is part of the RIBA Core Curriculum (worth double points). It lasts approximately 45 minutes including a session on Q&A. Handouts and reference links are provided. 

Click here to book your CPD


Quantum – Compliant and safe stairways

This CPD is available as remote learning session via video conference.


Face to Face CPD: Step on It: How Stair Nosings Help to Make Stairways Safe and Meet Building Regulation Guidelines

This CPD presentation and discussion deals with the subject of making commercial stairways safe and compliant with all current building regulation, the CPD presentation includes:

  • What stair nosings are designed to achieve and how to select the right one
  • How recent BRE and Equality Act (Formally DDA) guidelines affect the choices for specifiers
  • Environmental and Health and Safety considerations applicable to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of stair nosings
  • Hand-outs include reference links to further information

The seminar lasts 40-60 minutes including time for a Q&A session. All seminars are part of the RIBA core curriculum syllabus and earn double CPD points for those attending the seminars.



Gradus – Stair Edging CPD

The Specification & Design Considerations of Stair Edgings

This RIBA approved CPD seminar provides an overview of the issues to consider for the design and specification of stair edgings, including the relevant legislation and the latest guidance and research. 

RIBA Core Curriculum:

  • Design, construction and technology
  • Health, safety and well being
  • Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Learning Aims: 

  1. Background
  2. How to create safe stairs
    Slip resistance
    Visual contrast 
  3. How Stair Edgings can be incorporated successfully into your designs
  4. True or False 

For further information contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922 or use the Contact Us form

Gradus – Barrier Matting Systems CPD

The Specification & Design Considerations of Barrier Matting Systems

This NEW for 2019 RIBA approved CPD will provide information that will help you to specify entrance matting systems effectively, including where and how to use it, and the different types of product available.

RIBA Core Curriculum:

  • Design, construction and technology
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance 

Learning Aims: 

  1. Why specify a Barrier Matting System
  2. Standards and guidance
  3. Where to specify a Barrier Matting System
  4. How to select a Barrier Matting System
  5. Summary and questions 

For further information contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922 or use the Contact Us form

Polyflor – Flooring specification done right

Polyflor offers for Interior Designers, Architects & Specifiers 3 different Specification CPDS. All 3 CPDs are RIBA approved and offer a presentation and a discussion of the specific material to comply with the latest Building Regulations and BS8300:2018. The duration of all CPDs is approx 45-60 minutes.

Specification of Dementia-Friendly Floorcoverings

  • What dementia is, including types & symptoms
  • Design to support living well with dementia
  • Appropriate HBN Guidance
  • Importance in holistic approach within interior design
  • Design principles for dementia-friendly flooring
  • Examples of dementia-friendly environments
  • Specification of Vinyl Floorcoverings

Specification of Vinyl Floorcoverings

  • Types of vinyl floorcovering and their applications
  • Relevant industry standards
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Design possibilities
  • Specification of Safety Vinyl Floorcoverings

Specification of Safety Vinyl Floorcoverings

  • Reasons for specification
  • Applications
  • Understanding slip resistance and test methods
  • Relevant industry standards
  • Detailing and maintenance

Get in touch with Polyflor direct to book one of these CPDs under: [email protected]

SENSTEC – Anti-Slip Shower Tray

SENSTEC recognise that architects are among the most important members of any design team, so we have prepared a RIBA-accredited CPD Module – ‘SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Tray’ – which RIBA has added to its core curriculum. The module focuses on Anti-Slip shower trays and gives a clear insight to current legislation, an explanation of what is currently on the market, the two most widely used methods of testing and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.

CPD module will help architects to make informed choices when specifying Anti-Slip shower trays with the following learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of the two main methods of Slip Measurement.
  • An understanding of whether the Anti-Slip properties are part of the shower tray design, or an applied coating after manufacture.
  • An understanding of any limitations the Anti-Slip properties may have on the shower tray guarantee.
  • An understanding of whether the slip resistance values consider likely contaminants found in the shower tray, such as soap suds.

Please contact Classic Marble (Showers) Ltd to register your interest in taking part in this RIBA CPD.

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