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Polyflor offers for Interior Designers, Architects & Specifiers 3 different Specification CPDS. All 3 CPDs are RIBA approved and offer a presentation and a discussion of the specific material to comply with the latest Building Regulations and BS8300:2018. The duration of all CPDs is approx 45-60 minutes.

Specification of Dementia-Friendly Floorcoverings

  • What dementia is, including types & symptoms
  • Design to support living well with dementia
  • Appropriate HBN Guidance
  • Importance in holistic approach within interior design
  • Design principles for dementia-friendly flooring
  • Examples of dementia-friendly environments
  • Specification of Vinyl Floorcoverings

Specification of Vinyl Floorcoverings

  • Types of vinyl floorcovering and their applications
  • Relevant industry standards
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Design possibilities
  • Specification of Safety Vinyl Floorcoverings

Specification of Safety Vinyl Floorcoverings

  • Reasons for specification
  • Applications
  • Understanding slip resistance and test methods
  • Relevant industry standards
  • Detailing and maintenance

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