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Making stairs safer

As an independent body, the UKSRG represents companies with an interest in floor safety, in particular, the slip resistance of surfaces on which people walk. As such the group has been aware that one major area where ‘slips’ occur is on stairs, and accordingly commissioned a small working party of members to produce a document that would contain cohesive guidelines for anyone who has a vested interest in making a stair a safer place.

The outcome is the document
“What Makes Stairs Safer?”

It identifies 5 key features of a stair that need in-depth consideration when stair safety is the goal – and it became apparent that it was not just the slip resistance of a tread surface which is important.

  • Step Dimensions
  • Stair Nosings
  • Handrails
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance

All play a linking part, and this UKSRG document is structured such that the main aspects of these features are clearly identified, but deliberately not in too much depth. Then for full details of any one element, a comprehensive ‘Further Reading’ reference list is included, which then gives the detailed and independent back-up to the guidelines highlighted in the document.

Reviewed with all relevant 2020 updates in the Bibliography and references to British Standards.

(Originally published 12/2017; reviewed and updated 01/2022)

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