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The role of footwear in reducing the risk of slips

Footwear is an important factor for any stakeholder to consider in establishing a slip prevention strategy and is particularly applicable where the type of footwear worn can be controlled e.g. kitchen or factory environments.

The UKSRG group has now finished their white paper to provide better information about the slip resistance of footwear to enable end users to select the optimum footwear for the application. The paper will answer questions such as:

  • Under what circumstances is a footwear policy likely to be advisable?
  • What can be done through footwear to mitigate the risk of slips?
  • What factors should be considered when specifying footwear in order to prevent slips? (including fit; comfort; sole design & material composition; heel height and tread pattern).


Download here  the PDF: Footwear Guidance


(Published 07/2024)

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