The UK’s independent authority on slip resistance

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About the UKSRG

The UKSRG is a world-leading independent authority on slip resistance. The Group aims to promote a greater understanding of the causes and prevention of slips. This site provides advice and guidance on safe practices, test methods and the latest industry developments. UKSRG members are drawn from a range of disciplines and are united by a common interest in slip resistance. We welcome applications for new membership.

UK Slip Resistance Group

Our guidance helps

Building Owners
Facilities Managers
Insurance Companies
Architects & Specifiers
H&S/Risk Managers
Flooring Companies

How safe are your floors? As building owners you have a responsibility to ensure that your buildings are safe for all users. The UKSRG provides access to experts to support you in any queries or requirements you may have in relation to the selection, testing, cleaning and maintenance of flooring, helping protect you from litigation and your building users from injury.

How safe are your floors? As facilities managers you have a responsibility to ensure that your buildings are safe for all users. The UKSRG offers a direct link to experts to support you in any queries or requirements you may have in relation to the selection, testing, cleaning and maintenance of flooring, helping protect you from litigation and your building users from injury.

Essential to informing policy or investigating claims, getting the facts right is imperative in ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved. Whether it’s helping you assess your risks when providing policies or conducting tests to support or dispute slip claims, the expert members of the UKSRG can help you make decisions based on proven advice and guidance from qualified people.

When designing and selecting flooring it is essential that performance requirements are met. Expert guidance can be provided by the members of the UKSRG to help ensure that your specifications meet performance requirements as well as looking good, protecting both you and your clients. Whether it’s selecting product to fit with cleaning regimes or understanding what manufacturers’ test data means, the UKSRG members can help you make the optimum flooring specification.

The law requires employers and building owners to assess and manage health & safety risks, and this can only be done through an understanding of the causes of accidents in order that the correct measures can be put in place to control them. The UKSRG offers a direct link to experts who can support you in understanding the risks relating to slips and trips, and can provide invaluable services such as slip testing and guidance on the cleaning and maintenance of floors.

Manufacturers of flooring products need to ensure that products maintain their performance characteristics throughout the lifecycle of the floor, meeting slip resistance requirements at the end of life in addition to when first installed. Flooring products must be fit for purpose and the UKSRG members can provide independent product testing and advice on cleaning & maintenance to help develop products that offer the optimum performance.

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This is a brief overview of a number of standards which include information on aspects of slip resistance.  The reader should check the details of…

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Tramadol Overnight Mastercard

A presentation considering surface microroughness data was given at the Group meeting on 6th June 2019. The data presented suggests that 2 different machines, which…

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Tramadol Purchase Uk

The annual Slips, Trips and Falls conference for 2020 is in Madrid, Spain, 13 and 14 February. Hosted by the SRGS (Slip Resistance Group Spain). Read…

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Buy Cheapest Tramadol

300,000 hospital admissions each year are from stair accidents – This UKSRG document is for any person or organisation involved with the design, specification, construction, installation or maintenance of internal stairs. It gives professional guidance on features of stair safety and has supporting references for further reading.

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Find a UKSRG

Find members who can help you with a range of professional services related to slips, trips and falls.

Purchase Tramadol Discount

Making stairs safer

300,000 hospital admissions each year are from stair accidents – This UKSRG document is for any person or organisation involved with the design, specification, construction, installation or maintenance of internal stairs.

Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa

Become a member and get involved in the UK Slip Resistance Group

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